New Social Media Tool To Clean Up Our Socials

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. We have all said things when we were younger that we regret, but if you’re somewhat of a celebrity with a following you might be a bit scared of what you’ve got hidden somewhere in your old Twitter and Facebook feed.


Many people have faced the music when their followers have found an old, defamatory, racist, or just plain rude post on their timeline, and it can seriously affect your reputation.


But like I said, we’ve all said something questionable in our time, especially when we were younger. And when social media first became a thing in our lives some felt they could post anything and everything without having to face consequences. But that could come round to bite you if you’re not careful.

So what can you do? Well, you can go back and delete all the old, questionable posts yourselves, but that is pretty tedious. You could use twitter advanced search to filter through all the words and phrases you think you might have said that could lead to a bad post, but that can also be time-consuming and not very effective – but if you want to know how twitter advanced search can be used for a business, then read our article here, it’s completely free and lists a whole bunch of ways it can benefit a company!

You could also use TweetDelete in the past, but if you have over 3,200 tweets then I’m afraid you’ll have to go back to the old way of doing it manually. There has to be a better way right? Right!


An inventor, Samuel Wood, has created something very usefully for all of you that are in this predicament, “Vanilla”. It is meant to help clean your old social media feed.


“The idea for Vanilla came about when I saw a young musician who had overcome the odds by breaking through racial and gender glass ceilings, being characterised by a silly tweet he posted years ago while he was still a teen. It seemed like an attack on an individual whose work to date and personality represented something much more important and positive than that singular tweet. I knew there must be a way to help people in such experiences,” said Wood.


The app uses Twitters API to plug into your profile, but it doesn’t have access to your email or password so you don’t have to worry about that!


The app works in two ways; firstly, it has a database of 1000 keywords for profanity and harmful language. Secondly, it uses a machine-learning algorithm to calculate a toxicity score for each of the posts that it flags up, leaving you just with posts that have questionable content.

Its name, according to Wood, was chosen because it leaves just enough flavour behind but nothing outrageous, which we think might be the perfect branding for this application.

Samuel Wood said that like all learning machines, the more we put into Vanilla then the better the results will be, so the more we use it the more it learns, and the more posts it can accurately flag up.

A simple scan will cost £49 but if you want to be a bit more detailed you can pay £99, however a third option is available, where they create a more custom search and filter for you, for which a price will be confirmed, but all of this is to find what is really hiding in your twitter feed, and that could be anything! Right now they’re offering to scan your first 1000 tweets for free, and it only takes three minutes.


Interestingly, Vanilla is the first application of its kind to really do as much as it offers. As previously mentioned, TweetDelete can be used for up to 3,200 tweets but if you’re an influencer, YouTuber, or anyone who has more tweets than that (and since Twitter was introduced in 2006 we reckon you’ve had more than enough time to post 3,200 tweets, that’s only 267 Tweets a year, which is less than one a day!) it will mean going through your old posts manually.


Wood Says “I see Vanilla preventing individuals past social media posts from jeopardising their careers, business, reputations, and relationships”.

Since its launch a few weeks ago Vanilla has scanned one million tweets. We can see its success on the horizon, we just have to wait and see if it is something that can supercharge your socials! You can find them on twitter @vanilIasocial or through their site

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