I’m Emily. I’m a copywriter and social media apprentice here at Inside Digital.

I’ve always been fascinated with words and how powerful a few letters put together can be, that is why I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Written or verbal, language is simply amazing to me!

I chose to work in social media because it is constantly breathing. There are many aspects to the industry, so there is always something new to learn, and I love working as part of a team creating content for our clients.

Outside of work I love to binge-watch Netflix, listen to and play music, and I’ve recently started playing Warhammer 40K. My interest in Music and Warhammer has helped me to develop creative ways of working through problems, as well as seeing things from a different perspective. They help me to think outside of the box in my projects and my team-mates.

I’m very excited and happy to produce great content every day and work in an environment where we can collaborate as a team to produce content that helps our clients reach their potential on social media.

So, in summary, I love writing and creating things!

My Projects

Currently, I’m writing social posts for our clients Havering College and Open Evenings. I’m also writing articles for the Inside Digital website along with other blog posts and articles for clients as and when my team needs something written.

We’re always excited for new projects, events and ideas. So, hit us up with an email or give us a call 020 8798 3366

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