Saint Francis Hospice Tag

This year we were fortunate enough to attend and cover Frankie’s classic car and bike fest, hosted by Saint Francis Hospice.   Even though they’re known for dealing with end of life care, Saint Francis Hospice do so much more than that. They also care for the families affected by life-limiting illnesses, and provide them with on-going emotional support.   They provide this care for free, and rely on people to attend events such as Frankie’s Classic Car and Bike fest and other voluntary donations throughout the year to continue this service for free. As a team, we love their ethos, which is why we wanted to get involved and share the hard work they do every day. The staff at the event were very welcoming, friendly, and eager to work with us, which made the day all the more fun for everyone. We placed three apprentices at the event. They all took photos, videos and made organic posts on the day of the amazing things they found there.       From the Ford Mustang Owners Club to the food trucks and vintage market stalls, our social superstars had a healthy supply of things to choose from to create content for both Saint Francis Hospice and our own social media’s. Our apprentices went around the venue all day talking to members of the public and gaining a general vibe of the day from what they were saying. From the posts we made on the day we reached 7,235 people and had an overall engagement of 513 on twitter. We also created posts on our social media accounts prior to the event to build traction for the day. We created signs for the event with slogans, hashtags, and phrases that could be held by the staff and members of the public, which we then photographed and shared online tagging the relevant people and